Experienced Former Prosecutor Protecting Your Rights

Are your freedom and livelihood at stake in a Texas criminal court?

For skilled criminal defense representation from an experienced former prosecutor - in practice areas ranging from federal crimes to violent crimes, from college student crimes to financial fraud - come to the Law Office of John Kuntz in San Antonio, Texas.

As your defense attorney, John Kuntz listens carefully to your account of your arrest, checks out your side of the story and uses facts of your case to skillfully negotiate with prosecutors. If your matter goes to trial, he uses his knowledge of district attorney practices to stay one step ahead of those who want to convict and punish you.

Speaking of punishments - a conviction for a serious federal crime, drug offense or violent crime could land you in jail for years. You would be financially burdened with heavy fines. Your criminal record would never go away. You would be a marked person in your community after your debt to society is paid, including damage to your ability to secure housing and employment.

John Kuntz knows the challenges you face, and advocates aggressively for your rights, start to finish.

Arrested For A Crime? Put John Kuntz's 18 Years As A Lawyer On Your Side.

Here are just a few reasons you should retain Mr. Kuntz to represent your interests in local, state or federal criminal court:

  • Almost 20 years of experience, including more than five years as Assistant District Attorney prosecuting misdemeanor and felony cases in Bexar County
  • Thousands of cases handled, building a recognized track record of success
  • Harmonious relationships with prosecutors he has worked with for years
  • Mr. Kuntz is one of the few criminal defense lawyers in the region who has won cases at the federal district court level, the state district court level, and at the county court level.
  • Undefeated record in parole violations' cases
  • Appointed by numerous judges as a special prosecutor for state courts

The attentive personal service you receive is equally first-rate. John Kuntz gives you maximum access to his knowledge and recommendations throughout the legal process. If you have a sudden question or concern, he is there for you.

Contact the Law Office of John Kuntz today. Your initial consultation is free of charge. Call 210-775-1179 or send an email message.