Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage Fraud Defense Attorney in San Antonio

Mortgage Fraud Defense Attorney in San Antonio


One of the most common kinds of financial institution fraud involves mortgage application fraud. Many bank and mortgage company officials orally encouraged individuals and businesses to misrepresent their income and other factors on mortgage applications.

When these borrowers don’t make their payments, the banks review the applications, looking for misstatements of income or other misrepresentations of fact.

If the banks find anything, they will often turn the case over to federal agencies for prosecution. In essence, the banks and mortgage lenders are trying to use the government as a collection agency, to collect on bad loans they encouraged people to take.

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The minute you are under investigation for committing mortgage fraud, it is imperative that you seek experienced legal representation.

If you’re facing federal charges for mortgage fraud, there’s no time to waste. You need aggressive federal criminal defense right now. Before you step into a courtroom, you need to be fully prepared.

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We have handled mortgage fraud cases and we are experienced in advocating for the rights of clients facing a range of mortgage-related fraud charges. We handle cases ranging from submitting false information on a mortgage application to the defrauding of investors in land and property development projects.

We will do everything to make sure you receive positive results. As former prosecutors, we can effectively challenge the state’s evidence and anticipate the testimony of state and federal law enforcement officials.

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